The Water Margin

Getting Out of This Damn Volcano

Having had their fill of ghostly bearded dwarfs, the group decided to flee the caverns, only to find the way in plugged by a new (still warm) boulder of pumice. Melmoth put his shoulder into it and managed to move it slightly, and with a little help was able to shatter the rock.
In the large room on the other side of the boulder, down from the ledge, the party saw another one of the magma-priests — this one a mul with (strangely) a ponytail. The mul chuckled at the party’s troubles and gestured to indicate the magma elementals that surrounded him. “Now,” he told the party, “hand over the valuables you scavenged from the ruins, and I’ll let you live.”

Naturally, the party couldn’t let that pass.

After a short but fierce fight the group managed to fell the priest and his magma minions, though Melmoth and Baka were both singed in the process. Tikka and Joani exhausted more of their precious healing power and the group headed for Salt View in hopes of resting up and selling their metallic loot.

Alas, it was not to be, for upon the group’s return to the central cavern, they discovered that the village was surrounded by Nibenese troops. Siyaad’s caravan had arrived, but true to templar form, she had lied about her trade aspirations; instead, her troops sieged Salt View in hopes of capturing slaves to bring back to Nibenay, likely both to advance her own position and to fulfill the Dragon’s levy.

The team retreated back into the caves to discuss their options. Eventually Salador slipped into town in the form of a tiny viper and made contact with Taylor, and explained that they might be able to help. Salador told Taylor that the “signal” would be the wail of the dwarf banshees. The group would head for the entrance to sabotage the army’s supplies (in wagons with mekillots outside the cavern, because the wagons would not fit inside) and then the banshees would assault the army and hopefully cause turmoil with their wailing.

The group rested in the caverns to prepare their spells, then split up Kirlat’s [i]potion fruit[/i] of [i]invisibility[/i] and snuck out the main entrance . . .



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