Ashaan Wind Dancer

Elven Rogue Trader Fixer


Ashaan was raised in various city markets and initially learned the ways of the theif but he came to feel that that path was too risky and offered less reward than the way of the Trader. Ashaan has taken up residence in the city of Tyr where he has begun to cultivate contacts and develop supply lines. His charm and intelligence have led to inroads among the city’s nobles.

Ashaan prefers to deal in valuables that don’t take up much storage space and are easily transported by just himself such as jewels, poison components, narcotics and other illicit substances, and his favorite valuable of all… information. As such, he has begun to build up a stable of Bards and Rogues, including a young half elf named Rissa, to help him gather information, acquire and move other valuables, and for whom he can help “arrange the intersection of your valuable skills with those who need such sevice, for a small share in the fee of course.”

Ashaan Wind Dancer

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