The Water Margin

Southward Bound

Northeastern Crescent Forest; 190th King’s Age, Year of Priest’s Defiance, Day 3

Dhar Graeven
Tikka Greenteeth
Salador Seldon

Having escaped the temple of the serpent-men, the group decides to avoid further entanglements and make their way south to Salt View. The hope is, if they can cross the Great Ivory Plain, that they can meet up with the caravan there, engage in some trade and exploration, and perhaps make some real money.

While traveling through the rest of the Crescent Forest, the party stumbles across a few sights: a group of Gulg headhunters fighting (and losing against) a braxat; a small group of cloaked people meeting at a grove at night to talk to a phantasmal image that appears and claims that they will soon found a new paradise; and even a small seasonal stream that flows through the last vestiges of the southern forest.

After a day of travel, the group reaches the edge of the forest, and the cracked, dry ground of the Great Ivory Plain stretches out before them. They decide to travel at night, the better to avoid heat exhaustion, and set up camp for a few hours. Once the sun is well set and the heat of the day has left, they set off across the bright, dry ground and hope that they can navigate well enough to find the village of Salt View on the other side of the Mekillot Mountains.



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