A strain of flying fish with articulated claws at its wingtips, this creature skips and darts across the waves, seemingly as at home beneath the waters as above.

The skyfish is an amphibious creature that has the ability to breathe both air and water with equal ease. It has a pair of batlike wings with tiny grasping claws at the tips, used to grasp prey or other objects when not using the wings for flying. When swimming, these wings fold away along the side of the creature‘s body.

Skyfish swim in small schools but prefer to hunt alone, circling above the water until they spot suitable prey and then diving swiftly to the attack. They are clever and voracious hunters and would have spread far and wide throughout the lands of the Last Sea but for the fact that they are hunted as delicacies. Skyfish flesh is succulent and tasty (similar to scallop) and is prized throughout the region.

Skyfish mate for life, laying eggs in underwater nests that they construct from all manner of debris and jetsam. A skyfish’s body is only about two feet long, but their wingspan can be as wide as six feet, making these creatures a genuine hazard for some sailors, frequently
becoming tangled in nets and rigging.


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