The use of psionic power on Athas is widespread; the study of psionics predates even the discovery of arcane magic. Athasians refer to “The Will and the Way” when speaking of psionic ability; the Will refers to innate mental strength, while the Unseen Way is the colloquialism for trained skill and finesse in the use of psychic power.

Almost all characters possess a psionic wild talent of some utility, as described in the individual character races.

Students of the Unseen Way are called psions or psionicists. Psionic academies are common in most of the city-states, and developing psionic talent is a socially-acceptable route to personal power. Characters who pursue the study of psionic power most often take levels in the psion class.

The particulars of psionic powers and their functions are described in the Expanded Psionics Handbook and the Complete Psionic. Most of the material from the XPH is also freely available as part of the System Reference Document, and can be found at the links below:

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