Prestige Classes

Characters in DARK SUN pursue advanced careers rather different from those of other campaign settings. To reflect this, many prestige classes have altered functions, or simply don’t exist.

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Dungeon Master’s Guide Prestige Classes

  • Arcane Archer: Elves on Athas do not have a cultural tradition of combining arcane magic with archery.
  • Arcane Trickster: Studying arcane magic has its own set of perils, but it is not unknown for a bard or particularly intelligent rogue to use arcane spells to bolster his or her illicit activities.
  • Archmage: Mastery of arcane power at the level of the archmage is rare, but not unknown. More commonly, such powerful spellcasters study psionics as well and begin the path to personal transformation.
  • Assassin: Assassins on Athas are usually bards, and rely on minor psionic talents rather than arcane magic to augment their nefarious practices.
  • Blackguard: As there are no evil gods on Athas, there are no evil champions of gods.
  • Dragon Disciple: The lone dragon of the Tablelands does not have any known offspring.
  • Duelist: Rapiers and similar weapons do not exist on Athas, so the skills of this class are unknown.
  • Dwarven Defender: Dwarves on Athas do not have a cultural heritage focusing on the protection of mountain tunnels.
  • Eldritch Knight: An eldritch knight suffers all of the usual limitations of arcane spellcasting.
  • Hierophant: Clerics or druids who choose to serve the elements or spirits of the land without pursuing psionic ability will sometimes follow this path. Those who choose to transform themselves into elemental lords or to join the spirits of the land will study psionic power instead.
  • Horizon Walker: The horizon walker is a common pursuit among scouts and rangers who travel the Tablelands while avoiding the cities. Choose terrain types from among the common sorts found on Athas (e.g. stony barrens, scrublands, etc.)
  • Loremaster: Most loremasters are templars or defilers who study specialized knowledge under the aegis of a sorcerer-king. The loremaster’s focus on written knowledge is, of course, a liability in city-states, where literacy is illegal.
  • Mystic Theurge: A mystic theurge suffers all of the usual limitations of arcane spellcasting. Mystic theurges who revere the elements are generally preservers. Mystic theurges who revere the para-elements are generally defilers, except for clerics of rain.
  • Shadowdancer: Shadowdancers tap into the Black as the source for their special abilities. A shadowdancer is likely to be mistaken for an arcane spellcaster when using supernatural or spell-like powers, with all of the concomitant hazards.
  • Thaumaturgist: Summoners on Athas are often clerics who specialize in calling elementals. Aside from this predilection, the prestige class is unchanged.

Expanded Psionics Handbook Prestige Classes

  • Cerebremancer: The cerebremancer class extends to 14 levels. Athasian psion/wizards typically pursue this prestige class as a prelude to transformation into an advanced being.
  • Elocater: The elocater’s study of motion is a divergent route of psionic study and thus rather uncommon. Some psion/gladiators pursue elocater skills to enhance their special maneuvers in the arena.
  • Metamind: The metamind pursues mastery of psionic power sources to the exclusion of other studies; some levels of this prestige class are common among members of the Order.
  • Psion Uncarnate: Most psions find the notion of turning into a being of pure thought unusual at best; uncarnate psions learn from the lore of the Mind Lords of Saragar.
  • Psionic Fist: The monastic training necessary for the development of the psionic fist’s skills is not known on Athas.
  • Pyrokineticist: Psychic specialists in kinetic killing power are common among the mindbenders of the city-states’ armies.
  • Slayer: Slayers on Athas typically focus on hunting and killing a particular kind of psionic aberration, such as psurlons.
  • Thrallherd: Thrallherds trained by psionic academies sometimes serve as slave-masters for the templarate.
  • War Mind: War minds are uncommon leaders or specialized assault troops in military campaigns. War mind skills are generally passed from master to apprentice.

Other Prestige Classes

  • Ghostwalker: Ghostwalkers are mysterious wandering warriors whose anonymity serves as a weapon.
  • Necromant: The necromant is a wizard who has learned to draw energy from the Gray, the realm of ghosts and undead.
  • Psychic Theurge: The psychic theurge class extends to 14 levels. Cleric/psions and druid/psions typically pursue this prestige class as a prelude to transformation into an advanced being.
  • Restorationist: A preserver whose whose main goal is to return Athas to its former state of verdant vegetation and plentiful water.

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Prestige Classes

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