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A Brief Introduction to Dark Sun

The DARK SUN campaign setting debuted in 1991. It was a radical departure from the AD&D designs and settings of the time, featuring bizarre character types, extra-powerful PCs, an emphasis on psionic abilities, unfamiliar monsters, environmental themes, and a harsh and unforgiving backdrop for this all. Since then, many supplements were released through the lifetime of the game line for AD&D 2nd edition, and the enduring popularity of the setting led to the release of supplemental rules for D&D 3rd edition in DRAGON magazine issues #315 and #319 as well as a later 4th edition D&D campaign sourcebook.

Game Rules and Setting Materials

The Water Margin campaign uses a collection of modifications and additions to build a DARK SUN campaign for D&D 3.5 edition, with the aim of remaining true to the themes and mood of the setting.

Players should reference the supplemental material for:

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