CrodluCrodlu are a species of flightless, scaled avian that roams the wilderness in herds. They have powerful hind legs, which were built for jumping great lengths. Crodlu have very poor eyesight, but make up for it with an excellent sense of smell. Crodlu have great endurance, almost better than a mul‘s, and can run at high speeds for long periods of time.

Female crodlu only lay one egg each year. When the chick hatches it is able to run and fight within minutes, having a great appetite. When it comes to feeding, crodlu will eat anything, preferring to hunt live game when there is some around over eating just vegetables.

Crodlu herds can get as big as 30 strong. The herd leader is usually the largest, and will have more of a reddish scaly hide.

Crodlu make great mounts, but are hard to control and train as such most of the time unless they are caught as chicks and are trained as mounts as they are being raised.


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