Tag: Templar


  • Crassus

    Crassus is a surly, low-ranking templar in the Ministry of Public Works in the city-state of Tyr. For some unspecified slight, Crassus was assigned to patrol the Warrens district, a tangle of ruined homes and criminal gangs. The bald-pated templar can …

  • Andra

    Andra is a young and quick-witted woman who joined the templarate as a means of personal advancement. She is a generally even-tempered bureaucrat who is still learning to navigate the treacherous maze of the templarate, but she has not yet become fully …

  • Selon "Rictus"

    "Rictus" takes his nickname from a deep scar on his face that deforms mouth, rumored to be a "gift" from another templar with whom he fought while climbing the hierarchy of Tyr. Rictus has a reputation for sudden cruelty as well as some cunning.

  • Kirlat

    Kirlat is a human male of average height and weight, with fine features obscured by rough, sunburned skin. He has short, cropped silver hair and generally wears a tan robe and leather sandals. On the road, he carries a heavy leather pack with several …