Tag: Half-Elf


  • Cinder

    Despite his brooding demeanor, Cinder is a well-known (if small-time) figure among the criminal element of Tyr. Of course, almost everyone living in the Warrens is a criminal of some sort, but Cinder has the dubious distinction of having evaded …

  • Johara

    Johara is a well-known sight in the Warrens and the Elven Market. During the day, she can be found swirling through the Market, occasionally stopping for a small bite to eat or a sip of scuppernong. In the evening, she spends her time loitering near a …

  • Raxa

    Raxa is, like many half-elves, a bit of an outcast, but he has an easygoing charm and an ingratiating nature that make him hard to resist. A native of Tyr, he has taken up the itinerant lifestyle, but he always returns to the city of iron.