A dangerous hallucinogen and psychotropic drug.

Poison Type Initial Damage Secondary Damage Cost
Laq Ingested DC 14 1d6 Int + 1d6 Wis, adds 1 to Strength 1d6 Int + 1d6 Wis, adds 1d4 to Strength 10 cp

Laq is a powdery drug that can be ingested, dissolved in liquid, or inhaled as a dust. It causes psychotropic effects, hallucinations, and in some cases, psychotic rage. Because of its extremely dangerous effects, the use of Laq is generally outlawed in all of the city-states.

Laq is made from powdered zarneeka, a type of nut that is also an ingredient for various healing powders and poultices. This makes regulation of the drug difficult, as the ingredients are commonly traded and sold for legitimate purposes.

Extended use of Laq — or inhaling a particularly bad or potent batch — can lead to psychotic breaks that almost always result in the death of the user. High doses also cause the tongue to turn black.


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