A bitter root that, when chewed, has a narcotic effect.

Poison Type Initial Damage Secondary Damage Cost
Choya root Ingested DC 10 1 Wis 1 Wis 5 cp

Choya is an uncommon root that grows in heavy soil. Though it requires little water, it does not grow at all in sand, so it is mostly found in the city-states. Cultivation is not technically illegal, but heavy soil and water are usually put to more productive ends with edible crops.

Choya grows as a short, straight stem, about 6" high, but its roots are thick and pulpy. When chewed, the roots release a narcotic substance that dulls pain and makes concentration slightly difficult.

The use of choya is fairly widespread among the lower classes in Tyr and Draj. Nibenay, Balic, and Urik all make the use of choya a criminal act punishable by fines. In Raam and Gulg, strong social pressure against choya makes its use uncommon.

Extended use of choya can cause lassitude, drowsiness, and a brown staining of the teeth.


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