A massive, dim-witted half-giant guard to the templar Crassus.


Male half-giant fighter

Armed with a greatclub


The templar Crassus patrols the Warrens of Tyr, which is dangerous territory for anyone but especially for a black robe. He is almost always accompanied by Mav, a hulking half-giant of limited wits and phenomenal fighting ability.

How a low-ranked, ill-favored templar such as Crassus managed to employ Mav is unknown, but Mav is decidedly loyal to the crotchety middle-aged lawman. Since Mav is almost never encountered away from Crassus, it is nigh impossible to rely on trickery against him, as Crassus will immediately sort out any such attempts.

Mav is powerfully built and broad-shouldered even by half-giant standards. His face is a craggy outcropping that almost looks carved from granite. He generally wears a leather harness and carries a massive club. Despite his dim wits and his unsophisticated approach to combat, he usually has no problem immediately dispatching troublemakers with one or two incredibly powerful swats.


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