Mallorian "Bloody Mallory" Quinn

An up-and-coming gladiatrix, popular in Tyr's arena.


Female human gladiator

Armed with two widow’s knives
Armored in studded leather armor


“Bloody Mallory” is a brash young warrior who has become a regular sight in Tyr’s arena. This gladiatrix has won over the crowd with her acrobatic antics, fiery persona, and ruthless tenacity. She has developed a reputation as a fast defensive fighter with her paired widow’s knives, though like any gladiator she can and does use other weapons when the situation calls for it. Her signature strike is a charging, rolling, leaping attack stabbing the enemy with both of her knives simultaneously, usually delivered after several feints and defensive rolls.

As a slave gladiatrix, Mallorian does not have a life outside of the ring. Rumor has it that she was the daughter of a templar and sentenced to slavery for her father’s indiscretions, or that she was a bodyguard for a member of the Veiled Alliance and was captured when her patron wizard was killed. In typical fashion, the Ministry of the Arena fans these sorts of rumors in order to whet the appetite of the crowds and create more fervent popularity for the gladiators. The truth of the matter is probably known only to Mallorian and the gladiators with whom she fraternizes in the training stables.

Mallorian "Bloody Mallory" Quinn

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