A commanding woman who served as leader to a stand in Tyr's army.


Armed with a shortspear
Armored with scale armor and a heavy wooden shield


Malek has served in Tyr’s army since her youth as a free woman from a poor family. She worked her way up from a grunt to a stand-leader by virtue of her actions against local raiders, gith, and even some monsters near Tyr.

Malek asserts that she spent two years in the Tyrian army and taught her troops to work as a cohesive unit. The loyalty that she inspired in her stand, she says, was perceived as a threat to people higher in the chain. As she explains it, when a general, a high priest, or another powerful figure becomes too popular, they threaten the status quo, and the city-state must eliminate the threat. In her case, she was a mere nuisance, but one that the low-ranking templars didn’t want to have to deal with. Instead of killing her, they simply dismissed her from service and sent her back to civilian life, and dispersed the members of her stand to other parts of the army.

Malek’s personal charisma is significant, and she owns weapons and armor and certainly knows how to use them, which lends some credence to her tale.

Malek has red hair and tanned skin, a steady gaze and a solid build. Her voice is powerful and commanding. She has shown that she is willing to stand up front and take responsibility in a group, and that she will see to the safety of her teammates in dangerous situations. She commonly smears blue-green cactus sap under her eyes and on her nose to cut down on glare and reduce the effects of sunburn.


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