An all-too-average traveler from the east.


Armed with a shortspear


Kirlat is a human male of average height and weight, with fine features obscured by rough, sunburned skin. He has short, cropped silver hair and generally wears a tan robe and leather sandals. On the road, he carries a heavy leather pack with several waterskins, a sleeping roll, an some odds and ends.

Kirlat is a congenial man, but he has clearly been on the road for some time, and he came to Nibenay in search of work. He could be an escaped slave, a curiosity-seeker, a defiler, a mind-bender, or just a plain traveler who decided to look for a new home.

During the adventures near Nibenay, Kirlat slowly revealed to his associates that he is, in fact, a templar from a distant city called Kurn. He has shown magical powers when he presents a sigil and calls for aid in the name of Oronis.


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