A streetwise half-elven lady of negotiable virtue.


Johara is a well-known sight in the Warrens and the Elven Market. During the day, she can be found swirling through the Market, occasionally stopping for a small bite to eat or a sip of scuppernong. In the evening, she spends her time loitering near a cracked and decrepit building in the Warrens where she and Chahu ply their trade.

Johara has a sunny and laughing disposition, designed to entice in potential customers, and her charming personality accentuates her lush physical attributes. She is not picky about her clientele, so long as they have money at hand.

Johara keeps her hair long, and under poor light might even be mistaken for a woman of quality due to her fine, angular features and graceful demeanor. She wears swirling multicolored skirts with a linen shift and generally does not carry a visible weapon.


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