A surly templar who patrols the Warrens district of Tyr.



Male human templar

Armed with a shortspear
Armored with scale armor and heavy wooden shield


Crassus is a surly, low-ranking templar in the Ministry of Public Works in the city-state of Tyr. For some unspecified slight, Crassus was assigned to patrol the Warrens district, a tangle of ruined homes and criminal gangs. The bald-pated templar can often be seen “checking up” on various visitors or residents of the Warrens during the day. He is always accompanied by several guards, as he is keenly aware of the unpopularity of templars and the general lawlessness of the Warrens, the two of which could easily combine to contribute to a sudden negative change in his health. One of these guards is typically Mav, a tremendous half-giant of phenomenal physical power.

Crassus generally has an unpleasant and unfriendly attitude, and he is quick to hand out fines or punishments for even minor infractions. He does have a firm voice and a commanding air when dealing with violent or dangerous situations, and his cool head has saved his neck (and a few other peoples’) more than once. Unlike most of the templarate, he is rumored to be unbribeable — at least, he has never taken a bribe as far as anyone knows; he refuses to look the other way when a crime is committed, but conversely he will not hesitate to confiscate possessions from a criminal that he has captured in order to facilitate his own wealth and rise in station.


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