A quiet, brooding half-elf with connections throughout the Warrens and perhaps beyond.


Male half-elf rogue

Armed with a bard’s friend
Armored in leather


Despite his brooding demeanor, Cinder is a well-known (if small-time) figure among the criminal element of Tyr. Of course, almost everyone living in the Warrens is a criminal of some sort, but Cinder has the dubious distinction of having evaded culpability for any of his crimes to date — or any other crimes that the templarate might choose to arbitrarily pin upon him. Cinder has a reputation as a petty thief, but he usually pawns small valuable items rather than fulfilling any sort of jobs on request. On rare occasions he earns a few bits by running messages from place to place, and he claims that “odd jobs” are his primary employment.

As a half-elf, Cinder has few friends, but many acquaintances. He has shoulder-length sun-bleached blond hair, a scar on the left side of his face just under his temple and past his eye, and burn scars on parts of his hands and lower arms (which likely has something to do with his choice of nickname).

Cinder vehemently denies any sort of criminal activity and will take offense if the issue is pressed. To an acquaintance with a few ready ceramic pieces, though, he will grudgingly reveal the names of disreputable shopkeepers where a person might find goods of dubious provenance.


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