A vicious and excitable woman of evening in Tyr's Warrens.


Chahu is a short human woman who plies the ancient trade in the Warrens of Tyr. By day she flits about the Warrens, sometimes engaged in petty tasks; at night she takes customers in the cracked and decrepit building where she and Johara lodge.

Chahu has a reputation for viciousness, pettiness, and sometimes violence. She is known to have injured at least two different clients, though not necessarily without provocation. Still, she holds grudges and has a volatile temper. Her customers tend to be rough-hewn men who are willing to put up with biting, gouging, and the occasional knife-edge.

In contrast to her compatriot Johara, Chahu has short-cropped brown hair and tends to wear ragged, close-fitting leggings and a midriff-baring halter. She is never without at least two knives on her person.


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