A low-ranking public functionary in the Tyrian templarate.


Female human templar

Armed with a spear
Armored with studded leather armor and heavy wooden shield


Andra is a young and quick-witted woman who joined the templarate as a means of personal advancement. She is a generally even-tempered bureaucrat who is still learning to navigate the treacherous maze of the templarate, but she has not yet become fully corrupted and decadent in its coils of red tape. As her first assignment, Andra is part of the Ministry of Fields and oversees the hauling of the waste cart, a large wooden cart pulled by kanks and used to collect dung, offal, and effluent so that it can fertilize the fields outside of the city. This thoroughly disagreeable task is one that she takes seriously, as she hopes to rise in the ranks of the templarate by proving her diligence and reliability. She has not quite realized that this is essentially a dead-end job, and she will have to seek other means for advancement in the city’s hierarchy.


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