The Water Margin


City-State of Tyr, 190th King’s Age, Year of Priest’s Defiance, Month of Sorrow, day 1

Tarkas – JohnThompson
Joani Render – Adrianne
Rissa – ChristineThompson
Adon – Andrewkrowe
Valara – Aylaa

Having broken several of Kalak’s obsidian spheres, the party is now confronted by the angry and wounded sorcerer-king himself!

As Kalak staggers into the chamber, his illusionary visage falls away and reveals his serpentine, semi-transformed body. Behind him, templars and enforcers rush into the room to protect him.

The party closes ranks, sure that they are soon to be killed, but Kalak doesn’t seem terribly interested in fighting them. He lets loose with a finger-snap that blossoms into a fireball, injuring several members of the party — some gravely — but he brushes, unconcerned, past several of the party to reach his remaining four obsidian spheres. He distends his jaw like a snake and swallows one of the large spheres whole. Where does it go? There’s no bulge in his abdomen . . .

Soon enough, the templars and enforcers rush in. Rissa, still wearing a stolen cassock, begins shouting orders as if she’s one of the sorcerer-king’s priests, and amazingly, some of the enforcers seem to believe her. The templars let loose with spiritual weapons and hold person spells, while Valara launches bolts of unstable ectoplasm into the enforcers and Adon launches magical missiles from his wand. Blood is spilled, Rissa manages to envenom a widow’s knife and send one of the enforcers into slumber (quickly followed by slitting his throat), and Kalak continues to consume his orbs while launching quickened spells to support his minions. When his minions fall, he re-animates them as undead to keep fighting!

From up the main staircase comes a tussle, and three unknowns join the fray — a human nobleman in fine robes, wielding a metal scimitar; a black-cassocked templar who seems to have betrayed his king; and a famous mul gladiator, Rikus. The gladiator carries a long hardwood spear, and he takes a chance and hurls it at Kalak — and misses! (Rikus rolled a 2 on his attack roll, and Kalak’s magical defenses cause the spear to glance off!)

Tarkas, seeing how the fight is going, picks up the Heartwood Spear and stabs Kalak with it. His blow is glancing, though, and though the sorcerer-king is injured, he is not killed — but with a spark, his magical defenses start to fail, due to the strike of the artifact. Desperation starts to set in, though the human nobleman concentrates and suddenly several of the still-surviving enforcers look confused and wander away.

Kalak finishes consuming the last orb, but desperation is in the party’s attacks now. Tarkas braces himself and jams the spear into Kalak’s abdomen, lifting the sorcerer-king off the ground with the force of the blow. Black bile dribbles from Kalak’s distended snake-like snout as he chokes and finally dies.

An eerie silence permeates the chamber temporarily. Then, the black-cassocked templar renegade steps forward through the gore and debris, and lightly plucks the silver diadem from Kalak’s head.



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