The Water Margin


City-State of Tyr, 190th King’s Age, Year of Desert’s Slumber, Month of Wind, day 28

Tarkas – JohnThompson
Joani Render – Adrianne
Rissa – ChristineThompson
Adon – Andrewkrowe
Valara – Aylaa

Urged on by their interactions at the School of Thought, the team travels to the Shadow Square, there to seek out the Drunken Giant — a low-class traveler’s tavern and one of six wineshops in that plaza. As it’s still early in the morning, the wineshop is largely devoid of customers, except for one reeking and unconscious fellow passed out against the far wall. After a brief interaction with the tavernkeeper, the group decides to settle in and wait for a chance to talk to someone who might know more.

As evening approaches, the wineshop fills with rowdy customers. Most of the group rests upstairs to wait out the punishing afternoon sun, while Rissa takes the opportunity to play some music downstairs for money and to press the audience for information.

Eventually, the group manages to get a bit of sleep, but during the late evening hours, an unknown person suddenly appears in their room with a burst of ectoplasmic displacement. The stranger looks startled, drops a body off of one shoulder, and vanishes again. Not long after, a local templar, Gorevik, arrives with two enforcers, looking for the body and the teleporter. Adon manages to convince the templar that the two of them can work together at a common purpose; in this case, Gorevik seems convinced that the body, that of a young aristocrat from the noble Acrisius family, is an indication of a deeper plot and that the body must be quietly returned to the family without raising suspicions.

In the dead of night, the group heads to the noble quarter and, with a bit of distraction by Rissa, Tarkas manages to make his way to the top of the wall surrounding the estate of House Acrisius and unceremoniously dumps the body. The group scampers back off, mission complete and templar averted, and returns to the Drunken Giant, only to find another person desperate to speak with them: a woman named Romilaand her dwarf companion, known only as “Nugget”. Romila explains that she was looking to make contact with the gith who had the bracelet that Adon now carries, and after some hemming and hawing, she explains its purpose: The bracelet conceals its own magical power from detection and can be used to scry on the obsidian orbs used by sorcerer-kings. Romila tells the group that Kalak is soon to complete some sort of powerful and dangerous ritual — hence his obsession with the ziggurat — and that she and the other members of the Veiled Alliance mean to stop him. She also points out that now that the group has carried the bracelet for some time and talked with her, any templar will believe that the party are co-conspirators of the Alliance; they gain nothing by trying to turn her in.

With the complications of the situation settling in, the group reluctantly follows Romila the next morning to the Warrens, where they enter a dilapidated and abandoned bathhouse.



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